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Whether you're looking for a role at one of our kitchens, looking to build a new brand or develop a new platform - we are constantly looking for top talent to join the Ebb & Flow family.

Our Departments

Browse our current job openings across our Kitchen, Marketing, Creative, Operations, Product & Experience, Engineering, HR and Finance departments.


Our Marketing team is responsible for developing and executing our digital and performance marketing strategies, as well all PR and Media relations across all our brands and technologies.

The team is looking for strategic and analytical thinkers, trend-spotters and social media experts.

Creative & Content

Our Creative & Content team is focused on developing innovative new brands and enhancing our existing concepts through beautiful designs and captivating media content.

The team is looking for graphic designers and content creators with exceptional attention to detail and are not afraid to challenge convention.

Product & Customer Experience

Our Product & Customer Experience team works closely with all other departments to design our products and ensure they look, feel and are experienced perfectly by all our customers.

The team is looking for tech-savvy generalists who are highly customer-centric and have a passion for product design.


Our Engineering team consists of front-end, back-end and DevOps professionals who are responsible for designing and building cutting-edge tools and platforms for the F&B industry.

The team is looking for problem-solvers who are highly analytical and can think critically about complex problems.


Our Operations team is responsible for all kitchen operations, delivery fulfilment, import logistics, warehouse and inventory management as well as product procurement.

The team is looking for pragmatists who can roll up their sleeves and perform well under time pressure.


Our Finance team manages all accounting, tax and audit tasks across all our subsidiaries, including the preparation of consolidated financial reports for our Group.

Our team is looking for highly organised individuals who are meticulous and structured in their working style.


Our Kitchens are where the magic happens day in, day out. Our chefs are responsible for preparing exceptional dishes for all our dine-in and dine-at-home customers.

Our Kitchen teams are looking for passionate individuals who are fast learners and have a desire to grow.


Our Front-of-House staff engage with our customers on a daily basis, so they represent our brands and products every single day on behalf of everyone at Ebb & Flow.

Our Front-of-House teams are seeking individuals committed to delivering a world-class dine-in experience.

Human Resources & Administration

Our HR & Administration team is responsible for managing all employee relations and benefits, payroll and contract management across the Group.

Our HR & Admin team is looking for individuals who are passionate about bringing the best out in people.