About Ebb & Flow

A passion for creating unique experiences.

A belief in exceptional quality.

A dedication to our farm-to-fork philosophy.

Here at Ebb & Flow Group, we’re fuelled by an honest love for good food and extraordinary experiences
– through carefully sourced ingredients, immaculately curated spaces, and a deep-rooted commitment to the art of culinary storytelling.

We’re simple people with a simple ethos—to use food that is good for the ecosystem.
We work with smaller, sustainable farms and specialty boutiques to procure the most intentional and ethically-sourced produce.
Supplemented by our relentless drive to advance food innovation and digitalisation
– what you get are unique dining experiences, enjoyed in the comfort of your own home or in our spaces.

Walk with us, as we carve out an unparalleled path in today’s vibrant culinary landscape.

Craving something different? So are we.

Here at Ebb & Flow Group, we believe in only using food that is good for the ecosystem;
working with smaller, sustainable farms, curating specialty boutiques,
and discovering technology that propels future generations of food.