Craving something
different? So are we.

Here at Ebb & Flow Group, we believe in delivering uncompromising quality through unconventional ways.
That’s our magic recipe for creating F&B brands like you’ve never seen before. 

Timeless fare, unique experiences, and a farm-to-fork philosophy.

We work with smaller, sustainable farms and create dishes using the most intentional ingredients to craft the best culinary stories.


At Ebb & Flow, we’re obsessed about creating great experiences around food. We channel creativity, curiosity and industriousness towards a mission to delight each and every customer - whether it’s at one of our restaurants or in the comfort of home.

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We believe in only using food that is good for the broader ecosystem – that is why we painstakingly handpick each and every one of our farms and form deep relationships with our food sources to bring you the best fare. 

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Investments & Incubation

Sustainability is not just a buzzword.

To us, true sustainability and longevity means investing in the next generation of food whether it’s in the form of technology or food cultivation.

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