Jordan Neo

Product & Experience Lead

As product lead at Ebb & Flow, Jordan is the bridge between the kitchen and the patron. In fact, one could consider him a super customer, armed with an exceptional ability to understand needs and anticipate expectations. He obsesses over details, reinterpreting menus and touchpoints across concepts and platforms for a fresh, digital-first audience, making sure that the creations of our chefs are represented in the best possible way.

Jordan has played key roles in startups in the food-tech space. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from the University of Adelaide. He has a deep passion and knowledge of food and cuisines, techniques and styles, as well as their cultural origins. To that effect, he considers the role of food historian a lifelong aspiration.

Loves to eat...


Loves to drink...

Coke Classic (not the low sugar stuff)
Kopi O Kosong Peng add lemon

Secret superpower is...

I can identify a beauty blender.
Good at burning my mouth.

Lives by the quote...

"Walk without rhythm and you won't attract the worm"
"When in doubt, pick both"

Jordan Neo