The Ebb & Flow Team

We are a growing team of brand builders, chefs, product specialists, engineers, content creators and everything in-between.

Lim Kian Chun

Co-Founder & CEO

Chun is responsible for the Group’s overall performance, operations and business direction as well as the management of all subsidiaries.

Under his leadership, the firm has successfully opened over 10 F&B brands spanning a wide range of cuisines and price points, with over 130 team members supporting the daily operations of Ebb & Flow Group.

He is also Managing Partner at Cerana Capital, a Singapore based VC firm, where he is responsible for the firm’s overall investment strategy. Prior to launching these businesses, Chun was an FX trader and entrepreneur for 7 years in Singapore and the UK. He holds a Bachelor of Law from King’s College London.

Human Resources

The ones that are always on the hunt for the next generation of F&B magic-makers.


Procurement, delivery, distribution, daily operations…the list goes on. Our Operations team does it all and are the best at details and deadlines.


Not all of our businesses are brick and mortar; these guys deliver the E&F experience to our customers over the internet.


The bridge between our brands and the community. Filled with idea generators with a passion for storytelling and problem-solving.


Content is king during these times. From photos to videos, this team brings our food to life.


The artists of the Group. If you’ve got an eye for all things visual, this is the team for you.

Accounting & Finance

The ones that hold all the power. 

Partnerships & Events

This dynamic duo is the spark of fulfilling collaborations, connecting us with like-minded individuals and throwing the best parties in town.