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Vulcan Post: S'pore's first AI-Powered F&B Brand Uses Analytics To Craft Its Menu

SINGAPORE (VULCAN POST) - Food is close to the heart of many Singaporeans. And for something that has such an inexplicable power to make us feel happy, it’s usually prepared with an abundant serving of the human touch.

Think of chefs and hawkers who lovingly perfect their recipes so that they eventually get to see a smile on their customer’s face.

Being in the business of feeding people is quite a personal affair.

So when F&B group Ebb & Flow dropped us an email about their latest concept, Wrap Bstrd, a few months ago, I was intrigued by their unconventional approach. What piqued my interest was that this new food brand was almost entirely a product of artificial intelligence. Introducing Wrap Bstrd On the surface, Wrap Bstrd is an edgy brand that’s taking a spin on wraps with its unique and adventurous flavours.

In their lineup you’ll find wrap flavours you never expected, like char siew rice, cheesy bulgogi beef, and spicy chicken Indomie — their biggest hit.

Beyond the food, the brand also complements its unusual menu with a strong attitude.

Its mascot is a roughed-up rat sporting an eye patch, a missing tooth, and a mischievous grin. It also dons a pair of overalls and wears Crocs with socks — the ultimate statement to say he frankly doesn’t give a damn what people think.

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