Singapore’s First Fully Vegan Pizza Concept Is Here And Delivered Right To Your Doorstep

From the company that introduced Love Handle Burgers, Ebb & Flow Group would like to present Sunny Slices - Singapore's very first vegan pizza joint. Taking inspiration from a myriad of cuisines across the globe, Sunny Slices aims to reinvent the traditional pizza with its unique flavours while being sustainable and 100% plant-based.

From left to right: Homestead Harvest, Katzoo, Mushroom Pesto

Sunny Slices evolved from which was started by a group of friends as a passion project to make vegan food fun and approachable. What started out as a pop-up and hobby turned into a business opportunity after partnering with Ebb & Flow Group.

"It was clear to us that there was a gap in the market for consumers who enjoy fast food but with plant-based options," says Feline Gondokusomo, Chief Strategy Officer of Ebb & Flow Group, "People have a misconception that vegan food has to be plain and healthy but we want to show that it can be fun and delicious."

Spearheaded by Addis Tan, head chef of Love Handle Burgers and 8ASH, and Dylan Choong, previously at Cheek by Jowl and Tippling Club; Sunny Slices is approachable, convenient, and indulgent. “We decided on plant-based pizza because it’s close to our ethos - it’s fun, approachable, convenient, and challenging,” says Addis Tan, “And the best part about Sunny Slices is that after indulging in our pizzas, you will still feel good about yourself”

On a freshly-made and airy base, try our Meatless Lovers ($22.50) which boasts all the hearty, meaty flavours we love. On a spicy tomato base, Sunny Slices have pieces of Omni Pork™ and Impossible Meat™ accompanied by onions and black olives and topped with garlic oil and fresh basil for a perfectly balanced pizza.

For more adventurous customers, try the Japanese inspired Katzoo ($20.50), featuring vegan chicken Katsu on a homemade vegan Bulldog sauce base, topped with shredded purple cabbage, vegan kewpie mayo, nori and sesame seeds.

Championing an array of fresh vegetables, the Homestead Harvest ($18.90) features broccoli, butternut squash, green capsicum, Spanish onions, oyster mushrooms topped with toasted cashews on a tomato base. For those who love mushrooms, try the Mushroom & Pesto ($19.50) which features three different kinds of mushrooms, pesto and topped with baby spinach. Sunny Slices also have the option to make it allium-free.

For a locally inspired treat, Sunny Slices the Peking Jackfruit ($18.90) which features charred young jackfruit, cucumber, and spring onions on a homemade hoisin sauce base.

For customers with a larger appetite, check out one of our many bundles starting at just $33 that offers a great selection of items and are easy on the wallet!