Kairos Caviar sets out to revolutionise the fine foods industry

Singapore, 18 December 2019 - Over the weekend, Ebb & Flow Group made its foray into direct-to-consumer fine foods with the launch of Kairos Caviar - premium quality, affordable caviar created in Singapore and farmed in the cold spring waters of Yunnan.

While addressing the crowd at Epicurean Market at Marina Bay Sands, the CEO of Ebb & Flow Group Kian Chun Lim detailed the need to challenge the notion that quality caviar is unattainable.

"We want to establish caviar in a category of its own - good quality, responsibly harvested fine foods available at accessible price points for many people to enjoy," said Mr Lim.

Kairos' introductory range of caviar includes Amur, Kaluga Hybrid, Russian Ossetra, Russian Hybrid and Kaluga. The price range starts from S$55 for roe from younger sturgeons, with a premium line starting at S$188 for 30g tins.

Much like fine whiskey and wine, caviar is best experienced when harvested from sturgeon that are older, giving the caviar a more refined and complex taste. Our sturgeon are aged anywhere from 8-18 years before the roe is harvested.

"The Global caviar market is estimated to be worth $1.55 billion by 2021 and not only do we want a share of that market but also increase its total size without compromising on taste and quality," said Mr Lim.