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[e27] How this project uses artificial intelligence to help develop restaurants' menu

Published by e27 on 9th April 2020.

In times of global health crisis like this, where many countries are facing either partial or even full lockdown, one of the things that we miss the most is visiting restaurants. For me personally, my favourite part about dining in is seeing the menu –and wondering the process that they had gone through to develop them.

But today, I learned how artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics can play a part in developing a well-loved restaurant menu.

Meet Wrap Bstrd, who dubs itself as the first F&B brand and dark kitchen in Singapore to be driven by AI and data analytics.

As a result of a partnership between tech-driven F&B company Ebb & Flow and AI solutions company SQREEM Technologies, Wrap Bstrd offers a range of wrap dishes that were developed combining behavioural data capabilities and pattern analysis with the skills of chefs, creative professionals, and branding experts from the two companies.

Source: https://e27.co/how-this-project-uses-artificial-intelligence-to-help-develop-restaurants-menu-20200409/

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