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[Adobo Magazine] Digital: 200,000 Data Points to Kickstart SG’s First AI-Powered Dark Kitchen

Updated: May 4, 2020

Published by Adobo Magazine on 2nd March 2020.

SINGAPORE – Indomie, Bulgogi Beef and Curry Cauliflower Wraps, these are some of the latest unique food choices that Singapore’s office workers in the central business district can enjoy this February with the launch of Wrap Bstrd, Singapore’s first F&B brand and dark kitchen driven by Artificial Intelligence and analytics. A partnership between leading technology-driven food & beverage company Ebb & Flow Group and AI solutions company, SQREEM, Wrap Bstrd combines SQREEM’s world-leading advanced behavioural data capabilities and pattern analysis with the combined expertise of the analysts, chefs, creatives and branding experts within Ebb & Flow Group’s Dark Kitchen Lab, creating both an exciting concept and delicious recipes sure to excite the palate. Based on SQREEM’s evaluation of over 200,000 individual data points to map behaviours and trends of distinct consumer groups in Singapore, the concept development team from Ebb & Flow Group’s Dark Kitchen Lab was able to analyse customer journeys, predict demand, and map behavioural intent to purchase. Studying flavours, ingredients, consumer preferences and trends, they were able to pinpoint the meals that office workers in the CBD wanted.

Source: https://www.adobomagazine.com/digital-news/digital-200000-data-points-to-kickstart-sgs-first-ai-powered-dark-kitchen-wrap-bstrd-with-ebb-flow-group-and-sqreem-technologies/?fbclid=IwAR2hixI5FfHoiMF0M3-pM5VhOzOGP10PXVvxJ5dQOgoRbOKEFz-7tbgJl98

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