Unleashing the future of F&B

Introducing Nautilus, our first generation FoodLogic algorithm that aims to provide you with smart recommendations on which brands and products to launch - how, when and where.

Fast as lightning.

Powered by our Lightning Concept Creator ("LCC"), Nautilus is able to generate recommendations on pricing, location, cuisine and dishes - within minutes.

We achieve this by analysing vast amounts of data to understand market structures: what are other restaurants offering and at what price? Which population segments live where and what are their food preferences?

Lightning Concept Creator

Our LCC algorithm is the driving force behind Nautilus. It contains the logic that determines which datasets to analyse, how to structure them and what they mean. This allows Nautilus to weigh different possible outcomes and scenarios, in order to give you the best possible strategic recommendation for your business.

"What concept would do well in Tampines?"

"Looks like halal comfort food and

family meals are popular."

We have built Nautilus on top of dozens of vast databases that consolidate F&B, macro-economic and socio-demographic information. Our library of APIs and data sources is updated regularly to ensure we are always processing the latest and most accurate information available.

Once obtained, the information is structured into a standardised format and derivative datasets are computed. As a result, Nautilus also has access to secondary data such as restaurant and population density, food price changes over time and brand online popularity. 

All of these results are analysed together and Nautilus generates a custom recommendation based on a user query. Recommendation results are all saved and close a feedback-loop that ensures the algorithm continues to improve its results.

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