Unparalleled access.

Limitless possibilities.

The Dusk Terminal is a ubiquitous cloud-based business intelligence platform created by F&B professionals for F&B professionals.

Whether you're a C-Suite Executive looking to make the next big strategic decision or a Head Chef trying to find that perfect new recipe - Dusk has got you covered.

Rocket science made simple.

Dusk is designed to give you completely effortless access to market insights and analyses at the tip of your fingers.


Our minimalistic dashboards are intuitive and easy to use, providing you with immediately actionable insights.

Let us take care of the number crunching, so you can focus on developing your winning strategy.

Local Data. Local Analysis.

We understand that food and beverage trends can vary significantly between different regions - there's simply no 'one size fits all'.

That's why Dusk is based almost entirely on localised data. Whether it's demographic analyses, ethnic and religious breakdowns, income distributions or restaurant density - we capture it and analyse it within a local context, so that so you can understand your local market even better.

Your digital F&B library.


Access your very own digital library of over 3,000 F&B-related research papers, industry surveys and news articles in an instant.


Didn't find a report that covers what you're looking for? Simply request a bespoke report that our team can either source or create in as little as 48 hours.


Join our community of research analysts, university departments and industry partners in contributing your own research to our growing database.


Launching Q4 2020.

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