And kitchens were never the same again...

Aogami is one of the world's most advanced kitchen management platforms.

We've integrated menu and pricing functions, order management, predictive procurement and sales forecasting all into one platform.

Totally customisable.

Infinitely scalable.

Aogami is unlike any other kitchen platform ever created. That's because we've built it from the bottom up to be completely customisable.

Outlet & Brand Management

Whether you run a single outlet or a chain with dozens of brands - Aogami allows you to manage multiple locations and brands in one place.

Full Compatibility

We understand that you may be using existing platforms for your delivery management or sales reporting. Aogami has been designed for full compatibility with third-party platforms, so you can aggregate all of your operational data in one centralised location.

If you'd like to become a Beta user of Aogami, get in touch with us at

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